What to do first ?

Section B

How is the Ridge Height or "Max" height Measured?

The Ridge Height is measured from the top of the slab of the ground floor level to the highest peak of the roof. This measurement does not include chimney stacks or similar features other then the main roof structure.

What Is Included in a set House Plans?

Click to our Sample Plan to see what is included.

Do Luxury Stock Plans meet my local codes?

All Luxury Stock Plans plans are designed to meet the International Residential Code (IRC). However the IRC is updated periodically and most locales and municipalities attached specific addendum's. Luxury Stock Plans plans meet only the codes for that locale in which the plan was first designed for and only at that time in which it was drafted. Because codes and requirements vary from jurisdiction Luxury Stock Plans cannot warrant compliance. However, because Luxury Stock Plans is not simply a plan service company but actually is the license agent for the registered copyright holder and makes all drafting modifications so it may be able to update your selected plan to meet your local building code once it has been established what is required. Additional fees will be required to update plans and Luxury Stock Plans cannot "guarantee" a particular plan can be updated to meet compliance in every locale due to geographic, environmental, or design and structural contextual requirements.

What are covenants or building guidelines?

Covenants and building guidelines are rules and regulations set up by committees for certain subdivisions or areas of land development. These regulations are intended to protect property values of the homes built there and to administer proper building or remodeling of homes and the continued required maintenance of buildings and appurtenances on a specific property governed by those covenants.

Can I find out where a particular design has been built?

Although we know where all designs are built, it is not our practice to disclose the locations in order not to disturb our homeowners, however, we do post all pictures of the home plans when available. Many builders and clients send photos or we take photos ourselves which are then posted in the plan details section.

Are Luxury Stock Plans plans available on CAD?

Yes, All plans are drawn in AUTOCAD / DESKTOP version format. However CAD drawings cost on average $2.25 per square foot per LV and are resold only when authorized by Luxury Stock Plans: If authorized for resale you must enter into a specific license agreement, only then a zipfile containing the CAD drawing files will be sent via email upon verification and authorization of credit card payment and approval. See CAD purchase in the checkout section to request authorization and submit payment. Approval is not guaranteed and you will not incur any charges if resale is not available for your plan selection. Review additional terms in the "Modification License Agreement" policy under the Copyright section.

Can I take a design from a plan book to a local drafting firm and have it re-drafted?

No, absolutely not and without exception. It is a violation of federal copyright law to draft a plan based on anothers prints, brochure, plan design or even the design ideas contained within, either in whole or in part. See the Copyright section for all details.

Should I purchase the plan or should I let my builder purchase the plan?

No matter who buys the plan, the home buyer will, in the end, probably pay for it. If a builder buys the plan, chances are, he will include it in the price of your new home. There is difference between the consumer buying the plan and the builder. Only one dwelling can be built from the plan although whom ever purchases the plan hold the one (1) license for constructing the home based off that plan purchase.

Can I build a house myself without hiring a builder?

If you have not built a home specifically a custom home before, we recommend hiring a certified builder to construct your home. Most states require a licensed builder for any residential or commercial project over a specific value. Check with your locale building department for all licensing required. Use the "Builder Search" for possible builders in your general area, if one is not listed Luxury Stock Plans can assist you in finding builders in your area who meet specific qualifications. Simply contact us.

Can you recommend a builder in my area?

Although we do not endorse any builder or building group, but you can utilize the Luxury Stock Plans Builders Search where builders joined the Luxury Stock Plans program where they purchase advertising to promote their business and build from our plans. If you know of a builder who might benefit from participating as a Luxury Stock Plans builder vendor member direct them to our website.

How often do you release new plans?

We are continuously generating new plans for individual clients and custom home builder in order to meet the demands of our clients. Approximately 50-100 new plans are designed each year sometimes even more. We are continuously updating the site with new plans monthly, albeit some plans for individuals may have restricted use within certain geographic areas due to its custom nature.

How do I find a builder?

Use the "Builder Search" for possible builders in your general area, if one is not listed Luxury Stock Plans can assist you in finding builders in your area who meet specific qualifications. Simply contact us for assistance. You can also call your local Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau or the local Home Builders Association to ask them for recommendations. You can also contact the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), explain to them your price range, scope of project, state and town you are building in and how soon you plan to begin construction.

Should I buy a lot first?

No, first you should decide on a lot. Look at the overall size, shape, cost, views and orientation, and the various issues involved with construction on the lot. Building setbacks, garage door placement, maximum building heights, utility easements, building guidelines and restrictions, locale code issues, topography, drainage, environment impacts, and a whole host of things unmentioned here. In many areas, the builder you choose will have lots available for you to choose from. Most builders will also build on your lot. If you find a specific lot that you are interested in and able to afford, it is best to consult with your builder or sales professional to decide what impact these issues play in building a home on the lot, then you can choose a plan that meets both the width and depth of the property inclusive of all required setbacks and any building guidelines. Critical is the build-able area, back up space for drives and square footage minimums and maximums as well as taxes.

Should I use a real estate agent when planning to build a new home?

There are many advantages to using a real estate agent. Many agents are very knowledgeable about the process of building a new home and are often affiliated with local builders. Many of them have information on new construction going on in the area. Just remember everything is negotiable, specifically fee percentages, and typically you pay between 2-6 percent of the total lot and construction cost to a real estate agent when you could be putting those dollars into the new home or keep in your pocket.

Section C

How do I go about selecting a design?

There are many complex as well as simple things you must do and know when selecting a plan. Download the Luxury Stock Plans questionnaire and the "What do I do first?" check list on the info-center page. Members can also click "Ask the Designer" icon to get help from a professional certified designer.

Looking at a floor plan, how can I get a feel for how large a room will be, and what does the actual

One way is to measure the rooms in your own home or apartment to understand approximate dimensions. This is also a good way to determine whether or not your current furnishings will fit in the home you want to build. Visiting model homes tours, furniture store showrooms, and just simply paying attention to your surroundings and homes or spaces you visit. Become conscious of these spaces when planning in order to familiarize oneself with spaces and volumes. Be very careful of using brochures or sales plans that builders and real estate agents provide. Many times they are not accurate or embellished to make a room read larger than is actually built. Many real estate tricks call a room 12-0x12-0 when in fact it is 11-4x11-4 because the wall thickness was added to that dimension.Luxury Stock Plans dimensions are scaled from the inside sheet rock to sheet rock of a room. Or sheet rock to front of built-in cabinet if one is present. A study may be 14'-0" wide with a 24" deep built in desk and bookshelves eating into the room, we will note that room as 12'-0" wide. We try to be accurate although these room sizes were manually entered into the sales brochure. It is always best to review the construction drawings with the actual dimensions prior to purchase just to be sure.

How does Luxury Stock Plans calculate the "Total Finished Heated-A/C Square Footage"?

The square footage shown on Luxury Stock Plans may differ between 25 sq.ft. to over 200 sq.ft. between what is denoted and how your local builder or local area appraisal district or governing permit body assess taxes or actually attributes the �total living area� footage of each dwelling. Luxury Stock Plans square footage is taken right off the actual working drawings. Calculations include heated and cooled spaces when defining the living footage. Living area square footage calculations are made from outside the exterior frame wall or to the outside masonry ledge. That means the brick veneer is counted in our square footage calculations if the exterior material is masonry but only to the outside of the frame ledge for siding or stucco finished exteriors. Living footage does not include decks, exterior balconies, porches, garages, basements, attics, fireplaces, (VOID WALL SPACES, such as fireboxes, a/c supply or return ducts, or void inaccessible dead space in walls), etc. Two story and vaulted areas are only calculated once on the first floor. Stairs are counted only once. Major balconies and open walkways in two story and vaulted areas are included in the calculations of the second floor less the immediate landing area typically 4�x4� which is excluded. You will not be able to calculate square footage based on the "plan spec" room sizes provided on the sales brochure printed from the website. Wall thickness and similar measures must be considered. For no additional charge, when you purchase a plan Luxury Stock Plans will recalculate your plan footage area using the calculation methods typical in your area or specified by your builder, municipality or similar governing permitting body.

Do you have study plans?

No, instead Luxury Stock Plans can post the viewable plan files in your mail box. First you must request to view the construction drawings for your plan selection. Luxury Stock Plans charges $25 for each plan you view. All files will be posted on your member homepage mail center for you to view in a zoom-able format similar to that of the "Sample Plans" set. You will be able to see every detail of the plan such as ceiling heights, dimensions, etc. If you choose to purchase the plan the $25 fee will be deducted from the plan purchase fee. Most other plan service companies charge between $100-$500 dollars for a "Study Set" plus shipping, and take from several days to several weeks for delivery. Luxury Stock Plans can post your request within 24 hours of receipt.

Once I have purchased my Plan Package, how many times may I build the plan?

As the registered user of a plan, you are licensed to build only one structure (including derivatives) from the plans, regardless of the number of plan sets you have purchased. If you intend to build a plan more than once contact our sales and support group.

How many plan sets come with my plan package purchase?

Your standard plan package purchase includes 1. Five (5) complete complementary sets of construction documents, drawn at 1/4�=1�-0� scale on a 24�x36�, 30x42, or 36x48 or larger sheet size. 2. Two (2) full size drawings for �bank or study sets� at 1/4�=1�-0� scale including only the floor plans and elevation sheets. 3. One (1) �pocket set of plans�, a complete set construction documents drawn at 1/8�, 3/16�, or 3/8�=1�-0� scale typically on an 11�x17� sheet size convenient for traveling, consulting with decorators and suppliers, etc.. Each Luxury Stock Plan is a high quality digital �black line� Xerox print directly from of the electronic CADD file; this print method ensures the highest quality accurately scaled drawings. The old �blue line or blueprint� type copy is obsolete. When properly maintained Luxury Stock Plan prints fade very little over time. NOTE: After construction be sure to keep at least one complete set of plans for yourself. Remember, all prints must be ordered directly from Luxury Stock Plans. You cannot take a plan set or single page from your set of plans and copy any sheet at your local print shop whatsoever. Copying a Luxury Stock Plans original print is illegal and strictly prohibited. Every Luxury Stock Plans print must display the RED Copyright Stamp or that print is an unauthorized copy subject to criminal and civil penalties under Federal Copyright Law.

How many times may I build this plan?

You are licensed to build only one dwelling unit / structure with a standard plan package purchase, regardless of the number of plan sets you purchased. If you intend to build a plan more than once you must contact Luxury Stock Plans at (888) 807-6622 to discuss purchasing a multiple license agreement. Remember, building more than one home based off a set of plans without a license / authorization is copyright infringement. Infringement has both criminal and civil penalties and is taken very seriously. See our "COPYRIGHT" section for details regarding these practices.

Section D

Do plans come with a Material List?

No, all Luxury Stock Plans meet specific standards and specifications, each plan was designed for a specific client and or custom builder with differing suppliers, vendors, and material specs. No materials list was required nor generated at the time the plan was drafted therefore non are available.

Section A

How do I order plans if I do not live in the United States?

There is virutally no difference in the oder process, however the shipping fees will vary.

Can I return the plans?

No, all sales are final. See the Plan Purchase Policy for all details. Because plans are printed especially for you at the time you place your order, returns and refunds are not acceptable. If for some reason you find that the plan you purchased does not meet your needs, you may exchange or upgrade your plan within 30 days of the date of purchase for another plan. At the time of exchange, you will be charged a processing fee of 20 percent of the total amount of the original order plus the difference in price between the plans (if applicable) and shipping costs for the new plan. AutoCAD "CAD" purchases cannot be exchanged or refunded. All original sets must be returned to us and authorization given before an exchange can take place. Please double-check your selection before ordering. We encourage you to learn the building codes and construction costs for your area, review plans with a builder, determine what will be needed to build the home and meet local building codes. Feel free to call our offices or email us to discuss any concerns you may have before ordering any plans.

What determines the cost of a new home?

While there are many individual components that go into the cost of a new home, the three primary driving factors in the cost of a new home are the land costs, the material costs and labor costs. Some studies estimates that of every dollar that goes into the cost of a new home, 45 cents is material and labor costs, 30 cents is the builder's profit, the bank loan and land fees, and 25 cents is the fees to local government and regulation costs. Although new fees are being placed on home construction all the time.

What are building codes?

Building codes are safety regulations pertaining to how a building (commercial or residential) should be built. They are intended to protect both builders and home buyers from building an unsafe structure. They deal with everything from nail spacing to wheel chair accessibility. Many restrictions, regulations and inspections are regionally required due to soil conditions, weather conditions, etc. Every state, county and local municipality has adopted some form of one, any or all of these standard building codes.

What is the exterior wall construction?

All plans are designed for a specific code the (IRC) International Residential Code at the time it was drafted. Every plan is drawn using conventional lumber "stick frame" with a minimum standard of 2x4s-or 2x6s or greater at 16" on center spacing unless otherwise noted.

Can I make copies of my plans?

No. All construction drawings are protected under copyright law. You may not make any photocopies and/or computer generated copies of the plans for any purpose, except in the purchase of reproducible vellums or computer disc. Recent changes in US copyright laws allow for statutory penalties of up to $150,000 per incident for copyright infringement. The law can be confusing. For your own protection, take the time to understand what you cannot do when it comes to copyrighted home plans.

What is the difference between an architect and a designer ?

To be called an architect one must be licensed in that state of practice. It is illegal to use the word �architect� in any manner unless licensed. Architects must be degreed from an accredited university, typically a 5-year program for a Bachelor degree, and either a master degree or continuing internship and sometimes both, then one must pass a state licensing exam. A designer, or residential designer, may have also attended a university and not passed or never attempted the registration or exam process. Other designers may have learned the architecture trade while on the job. Many have had no formal education except for vocational training. The AIBD (American Institute of Building Design) accredits its members through continuing education credits, job experience, certification, and ethics program. It further certifies professional designers through the NCBDC (National Council of Building Designer Certification) through a registration and exam similar to that of architects, only not recognized or certified by the state of practice. In many states an architect must be employed to design commercial buildings over a certain size. The limit varies from state to state. In the residential field many unlicensed designers also do very nice work, in many instances better than many architects who often tend to specialize in other building types. The majority of states do not require licensing for residential design, however various national, state, and local county and city codes are instituted in order to protect the home builder, homeowners, and regulate safety standards in construction.

How long does it take to ship a set of plans?

Once orders are received and processed, plans are reviewed with your context information shipping occurs within 7 to 10 business days.

How Do I Print Plans?

Go to your member homepage and click "MY PLANS" icon, see Printed Plans. Remember every plan you print is added to your favorites folder, and you can only print from your favorites folder or the printed plan folder. You can only print up to 18 total plans with a standard viewer member subscription.

Do you think I could build this house myself without hiring a licensed builder?

We recommend hiring a licensed builder to construct your home. Most states require a licensed builder for any residential or commercial project over a specific value. Check out www.contractors-license.org to find out the license requirements for your state or to find out if a builder is licensed in your state. To find your local Home builders Association and other helpful resources, visit www.nahb.org. To find out if there have been any complaints registered against your builder, call your local Better Business Bureau or visit www.bbb.org. Lastly, make sure you always ask for and check his/her references, along with seeing examples of his/her work.

If I cannot find the exact stock plan can I design a new original custom plan design from scratch?

Yes, Luxury Stock Plans can design a new custom home plan for you. You can request a new plan questionnaire and returned it with the criteria filled in. A design member will contact you to discuss the project and if you wish to proceed a design contract will be forwarded along with explanation of the whole phase by phase process. Once the contract is excepted a Luxury Stock Plans-LIVE meeting will be scheduled to review the project and finalize the preliminary scope of work from which the first design draft will be done. Luxury Stock Plans works with client from all over the world using email, pdf files, and online meetings to get exactly what the client wants.

Can I order more sets once I have placed my original order?

Yes, we will sell you additional sets of prints up to 120 days after your original purchase date. Plans or sold in sets of four (4) per order, see the cost per set plus applicable shipping fees in the checkout section. If you order additional sets after 120 days you will be charged a twenty-five dollar administrative service fee.

Can we make copies of the plans we purchased?

No. All plans and prints are protected under copyright law and cannot be copied. Every Luxury Stock Plans print contains a catalog number tracking to whom and where that plan was purchased and to be built. Every print also displays a RED copyright stamp certifying the print is a legal copy authorized by Luxury Stock Plans.

How do I order plans?

Simply click on the "ORDER THIS PLAN" Icon and proceed through the check out and purchase process.

How do I know you received my order?

You will receive an email containing your order confirmation number, contact and other information about the order process, timing, and delivery status.

How Many Sets Of House Plans Will I Need?

The number of sets you will need can vary depending on you and your builder�s specific needs. Besides a set for yourself, you may need to turn a set in to your builder, subcontractors, mortgage lender, and local building departments. Many customers purchase the standard package of 5 sets or the deluxe package with 8 sets. These two packages are good for those that are going to build the home as is with little modification. The package we recommend the most is the Reproducible Media. Reproducible Media is a single set of either erasable vellum or Mylar copy that is used when you want to make changes to a plan. Each Reproducible Media is accompanied by a Release of Copyright letter allowing you to make copies of the original or changed plans, which are then used to construct the home.

Do Luxury Stock Plans Provide All Of The Information Necessary For The HVAC, Plumbing And Electrical

Since our plans are designed to meet national building codes and not any particular state or county codes, extensive HVAC, plumbing, and electrical information is not shown or part of our standard construction documents. HVAC systems, size and design information regarding location of units, what types systems are needed should be done by your local supplier. Check our "Vendor Search" for possible contractors in your area, if one is not listed Luxury Stock Plans can assist you in finding builders in your area who meet specific qualifications. Simply contact us.

How Do I Know If I Can Afford To Build This Home?

You really must get out and do some investigation in your specific marketplace. Many online sources are available, interview local builders and discuss cost of typical or comparable homes, builder allowances, upgrades, specifications, and general building costs to educate yourself on the local building market conditions. Remember, there are no stupid questions, ask for and check all references, interview at least three or four builders that you know are currently or have previously built a similar home to yours.

Can I Order Plans In Reverse?

Yes, when purchasing your plan simply choose how you wish to build your plan, garage left or right, and Luxury Stock Plans will flip your plan for an additional charge of $150 dollars.

How Many Sets Of House Plans Will I Need?

The Luxury Stock Plans standard plan package purchase should include enough prints for typical construction. Usually (2) sets for building permits which are stamped for approval and returned to builder for job site use, (1) set for Homeowner Associations to review and return to you, (1) set for you and (1) extra set for contractors to bid from. The (2) bank sets should be adequate for your bank or lender to get appraisals from. If more sets are needed the Luxury Stock Plans minimal print order for construction is a 4-set package. Additional sets purchased within 12 months of the original order date are available at the standard rate. After one year, the price for each print package set is subject to change including an administrative charge. As always, shipping and handling fees are in addition to your standard plan package.

How Do I View My Favorite Plans?

Go to your member homepage and click "MY PLANS" icon, see My Favorites. Remember every plan you print is added to your favorites folder, and you can only print up to 18 total plans with a standard viewer member subscription.

How much should I budget for professional design services and how do you charge for new original pl

Architects and designers usually incorporate two basic methods. First fees may be based on a fixed number tied to the final built area of the (total living or total covered area) of the home Secondly to the percent of cost of construction. The former method is typically associated with minimum services including stock plans and new designs formatted in what we call a "Builder Set" or Standard Set of construction drawings consisting of as few as five (5) pages to fifteen (15) depending on the size and complexity of the home design. The latter is for a fully detailed "Architectural Set" of plan specifications with much greater detail, call outs, schedules, etc. and can range from as few as ten (10) pages to more than fifty (50) depending on the size of the home and locale it is to be constructed. There may also be hourly consulting fees.

If I like a plan but need to make modifications to suit my specific needs can I modify a plan?

Yes, Luxury Stock Plans has developed two ways online where you can make design changes to any plan. Click to the modification section in the plan detail pages and follow the two step process. There are (2) ways to go about making modifications. First, you can download a detailed questionnaire to fill out and send in where our design staff will evaluate, process and contact you or secondly, utilize the one of a kind state of the art online Luxury Stock Plans-LIVE. Here you can book an actual online consultation with our design team and work through the planning of your new custom home.